Fulfilling A Dream

An avid hunter, Leonard Livingston was diag­nosed with MS in 1977 and spent several years in a wheelchair. Ten years later, he was invited to participate in an exclusive antelope hunt for the disabled. Every year since then he has volun­teered as a guide for Helluva Hunt in Wyoming.



"I thought I was never going to hunt again," Leonard said.


Ever since his experience in 1987 Leonard wanted to start his own deer hunt for the disabled hunter. So in 2001 Leonard along with two close friends Scott Birkenuel and Sam Denney decided to start Beaver Creek Rendezvous in Southeastern Mon­tana. This hunting experience is for those with disability who enjoy the adventures of hunting mule and white tail deer.

The area, located in Carter County in Southeast­ern Montana has beautiful natural scenery that includes Carter County Museum, Medicine Rocks State Park, Long Pines and Ekalaka Park.